MVF has arranged the School fees to Mrs.Annapurna of Rs.26000/-

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Manava Vatsalya Foundation has arranged the School fees with the Help of Kind Hearted People and handed over the cheque of Rs.26000/- to Mrs.Annapurna.

Mrs.Annapurna is a single mother and she has got two children and staying in a rented house. She is working in a private company as a Customer Service Executive .Her salary is sufficient only for livelihood .She is struggling to pay the school fees of her both the children .
Her son Sairam is studying in 10th std.whose total fees is Rs.24000/- out of which Rs.8000/- has been paid and need Rs.16000/- more and her daughter Srividya is in 5th std whose total fees is Rs.15000/- out pf which Rs.5000/- has been paid and need Rs.10,000/- more.
They need Rs.26,000/- more to pay the outstanding fees of both the children .

Following are the Donors :
1) Mr.Sunka Ramaswamy – Rs.6500/-
2) Mrs.Saraswati – Rs.5100/-
3)Anonymous – Rs.5000/-
4)Mr.Shrinivas Mora – Rs.1000/-
5) Mr.Naveen Naini – Rs.1000/-
6) Mr.Ganji Govardhan – Rs.1000/-
7) Mr.Kishore Jakkani – Rs.1000/-
8)Anonymous – Rs.1000/-
9) Mr.Dasha Chandrakant – Rs.1000/-
10) Mr.Ajay Veldhi – Rs.1000/-
11) Mr.Vithal Perla – Rs.500/-
12) Mr.Dinesh Sherla – Rs.1000/
13) Service to Society(STOS) – Rs.1000/-

Thanks Alot to all the donors for their generous support 🙏

Thanks & Regards,
Manava Vatsalya Foundation

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