Helped financially to Nageshwar Rao with Rs.10,000/-

Helped financially to Nageshwar Rao with Rs.10,000/- and also accompanied him at Tata Hospital.

While we are fighting the pandemic, priority of treatment for other deadly diseases is taking a back seat. One such world’s second most killer is Cancer. There is a mistaken tendency to see it as a disease of the rich, but soon this is beginning to change.

Unfortunately, manager of Telugu Kala Samiti, Shri K. Nageswar Rao has been detected with liver cancer. Present chaos in the medical system due to Covid 19, has led his condition to an advanced stage. Hence, he needs an urgent medical treatment and the cost of the treatment is initially estimated to be around 8 lacs. With his humble financial background he is unable to bear a single penny.

K Nageswar Rao, age 50, has two college going children and is the only bread winner in his family. He has a long association as a Manager with our two premier Telugu Associations, Bombay Andhra Maha Sabha(BANS) and Telugu kala Samiti(TKS) at Mumbai. He has been regarded as a very honest and hard working employee by office bearers of these institutes.

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