Helped financially to Anonymous with Rs.1,10,000/-

Helped financially to Anonymous with Rs.1,10,000/- and also helped her by referring our friends to the bill amount of Rs.3lacs.

On behalf of Anonymous & her family, Manava Vatsalya Foundation would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all kind hearted human beings for their generous support towards in her difficult time. Helping her in this tough time is synonymous to giving her a new life.

She was in need of Rs.3,50,000/-.

Hospital Charges – Rs.3,00,000/-.
Operation charges, Bed charges, Doctors visits, Nursing charges, Medicines and Tests (During Hospitalisation).

Tests & Medicines (Before & after hospitalization) – Rs.45,050/-.
CT Scan, PET CT Scan, Blood Test, HIV Test, Covid, Lymph Nodes Tissues, Medicines.

Total Expenses : Rs.3,45,050/-.

Advance paid to Hospital – Rs.1,05,500/-.

Balance amount of Rs.1,94,500/- paid by Mr.Jayprakash Yemul.

Donation Received Rs.1,59,000/-.

Balance left with her family of Rs.8,450/- which will be used for follow up treatment and medicines.

Our Telugu eminent social worker Mr. Jayprakash Yemul’s generosity inspires us, his valuable contribution of Rs.1,94,500/- has given a new life to her.
During this pandemic people are afraid of Covid19 though he has personaly been to hospital to know the condition of the patient and her family. Words are not enough to express the gratitude for his care, concern and generous support during this tough time. “He has proven an exemplary in the field of charity”.

Special Thanks to Real Estate and Youth Icon Mr. Madireddy Konda Reddy for his valuable contribution and guidance helped us to reach our goal. He always helps the needy with his support and guidance . He was in continuous touch with us to know about the patient’s condition .

Sincere Thanks to our *Social Entrepreneur and Business Coach Mr. Srinivas Racha for his generous support. He is always ready to help the poor and needy.*

Sincere Thanks to :

Ms.Jyoti Vuduta, Mr.Subhash Gujral, M/s.Arriva Designs, Ms.Purnima Desai, Mr. Satish Chowki, Gadapa & Menon Family for their valuable contribution.

Special Thanks to :

Dr. Vinay Thati, Surgeon for successful operation and his efforts in getting around 15% discount by which total bill amount is restricted to around 3 lakhs,
Dr.Ritesh Agarwal for his expert advise and requesting Dr.Preetam Jain and Dr.Vinay Tbati for better treatment and reducing bill amount,
Dr. Pritam Jain (Oncologist)for his consultation and continuous support,
Dr.Narhari Thati for his follow and requesting his son Dr.Vinay Thati to reduce the bill amount and do the best for the family ,
Mr. Rajesh Shetty, Sr. Inspector Mr.Ramesh Nangare & Police Inspector Mr.Jeevan Kharat from Dharavi Police Station for their efforts to reduce some hospital charges.
Dr.Yogesh Bafna for his humbleness and taking personal interest to help the patient .


Thanks to all for their generous support :

Mr.Tushar Patel, Mr. Anonymous, Mr.Baskar Racha, Mr.Jayesh Ratadia, Mr.Kailash Kamuni, Mrs.Vanaja Volaveni, Mr.Sridhar Samala, Mr.Suresh Kyatham, Mr.Chandrashekhar Kyatham, Mr.Srinivas Bale, Mr.Kishore Jakkani, Mr. Rajendra Manche(USA), Mr.Raju Dornal, Mr.Ratan Raj Gurram, Ms. Krutika Panchal, Mr.Gopinathan, Mr. Devanand Adepu, M.Dinesh Konda, Mr.Yugandar Goru, Mr.Dinesh Sherla, Mr.Shivaram Rampelli, Mr.Kiran N Avadhuta, Mr.Rangaraju Kommu, Mr.Anil Shah.

We salute all great human beings part of this noble cause directly or indirectly 🙏

Thank you all once again to stand by her in this need of hour 🙏🏻

Thanks & Regards,
Manava Vatsalya Foundation

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