MVF Helped Mr. Prabhakar Yeligeti in admitting him in the SRV Hospital

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Random Act of Kindness during lockdown by Manava Vatsalya Foundation & Team.
On Monday 6th July 2019, evening I had got a call from relative of Patient Mr. Prabhakar Yeligeti (Siddhi Tailor) was infected with Covid’19 and he was admitted in KEM Hospital since 15days.
His Swab test had been done twice but both the times it had come positive and there was no improvement in his health. Dead bodies were lying on his next beds and he was got scared and not sure whether he will live or not and his family members were concerned about his health and wanted to shift him to a private hospital.
I had called up Mr. Pradeep Vishwakarma (Marketing Executive) SRV Hospital, Tilak Nagar and requested him to reserve one bed. He said there is a waiting list, only one bed is available and quite difficult to commit but requested Mr. Pradeep and he agreed to reserve the bed for our patient. Then I had called up Mr. Bhaskar Rathod (Executive – War room, G-South) and he advised me to talk to Dr.Mayur(War room, G-South) with the guidance of both, I was able to reserve the bed with BMC Rate and his family members have admitted Mr. Prabhakar in SRV Hospital successfully.
Since then we were in constant touch with Mr. prabhakar & his family members and also with Mr. Pradeep to ensure for Mr.Prabhakar’s good health.
During this, Mr. Prabhakar’s family wanted to provide him a holy water to drink. Since he is devotional and believes in holy water but there is a restriction in outside food and drinks, though I have requested and made Mr. Pradeep to allow them to provide Holy water. I had called up Mr. Raju Dornal from Manava Vatsalya foundation who stays at Tilak Nagar to look after the patient. Mr. Raju had been personally to hospital for last 4 days to make sure that he is fit and fine and interacted with doctors too.
On Saturday 11th July 2020 Mr.Prabhakar result was negative and I spoke to hospital management. Myself, Mr. Raju and Mr. Prabhakar’s wife and his brother Damodar had been to hospital and discharged him from hospital at night 11pm .
Since, the bed was booked under BMC, they had got a discount of Rs. 90,000/- in the bill amount and they paid 1,05,340/- .
I would like to Thank Mr. Pradeep Vishwakarma for arranging the bed and being so kind to listen and approve all our requests.
My sincere Thanks to Mr. Bhaskar Rathod and Dr. Mayur for their guidance and help to get such big discount amount.
Special Thanks to Mr. Raju Dornal for visiting the hospital and giving strength to the patient and his family.

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